WSL2 Debian/Ubuntu

sudo apt update
sudo apt install imagemagick python3-pip build-essential
pip3 install mozphab

Build Firefox

Artifact Mode

If you are not working on the C/C++ files you can also opt for Artifact Builds which are much faster. To enable artifact build set up a .mozconfig file with the following options:

# Automatically download and use compiled C++ components:
# This option will disable C/C++ compilation
ac_add_options --enable-artifact-builds

# Write build artifacts to (not mandatory):
mk_add_options MOZ_OBJDIR=./objdir-frontend

If you plan to walk through code with a debugger, set up a .mozconfig file with the following options:

ac_add_options --disable-optimize
ac_add_options --enable-debug

--- Linux build preparation

Perftest Notebook


  • Linter: ./mach lint --warnings --outgoing
  • Unit Test:: ./mach perftest-test or ./mach perftest-test -s
  • Debug Run: ./mach perftest python/mozperftest/mozperftest/tests/example.js

Version Contral by Mercurial

  • Pull: hg pull --verbose
  • Commit: Using VSCode Extension.
  • Changes: Using VSCode Extension.
  • Amend: hg commit --amend
  • Check the current and latest revisions: hg head or hg heads
  • Update: hg up -r <revision>
  • Rebase: hg rebase -r <current_revision> --dest <latest_revision>
  • Submit: moz-phab (Make sure MozPhab is installed by pip3)